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As a Penangite, I grew up eating Tambun Biscuits a.k.a. ‘tau sar pneah’ for breakfast, snack and supper. I guess it had been something I took for granted because it’s a challenge to find great specialty products like Tambun Biscuits in KL. Most of them are passable, but not something you’d eat purely for enjoyment.

Penang Biscuits Food Connection

Two of my favorite brands are Ghee Hiang and Him Heang and none of them have a branch outside Penang. So the only ways you could get your hands on them is to buy from their physical shop, ‘tumpang’ someone to buy it for you, or if you are really urgent you could also buy from them directly online.

Food Connection   Manufacturers

Problem is, only the larger and more succesful brands have managed to move on to online shopping. What about the smaller but equally legendary biscuit shops? How do you get your hands on their products then? Well, that’s where Food Connection comes in. It’s a startup that aims to bring simple Malaysian delicacies to your doorstep in just a few clicks.

Tau Sar Pneah  Ghee Hiang    Penang   Biscuit   Penang Delights

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Currently, Food Connection’s online store carries more than a hundred different products comprising mainly of traditional biscuits and sauces from Penang, Ipoh and Klang Valley. Most of the well-known brands are already listed on the website and more will come.
The website’s design might not be as fancy and flashy as others, at least it’s easy to navigate and clear as a bell. After checking out the entire catalogue, these were the items that ended up in my shopping cart, namely Ghee Hiang’s Tambun Biscuits and Ang Seng Heong’s peanut candies.

FoodConnection shipping fees

The checkout process is a breeze and if there’s anything you need to pay extra attention to, it’s the shipping fee and schedule. From what I could see, the shipping fee applied is based on the goods’ originating locations.
For example, if you are ordering items from 1 state only, the estimated shipping is only RM15++ but it will go up to RM46++ if they are ordered from all three states. As for the delivery schedule, refer this page for a better idea.

Food Connection Biscuit Delivery

I got my order within days and it was delivered by TA-Q-BIN which is ingarguably an excellent courier service provider. They are known for their high standards in delivering and handling food products so I couldn’t think of a better courier for Food Connection to use.
Besides, TA-Q-BIN also offers free re-delivery, even at night for your convenience. As you can see, every item is individually wrapped with bubble wrap so they arrived at my doorstep in pristine condition – perfect if you are planning to gift them as souvenirs.

Food Connection Box Handle

If you have a message or holiday greeting to be sent, simply enter it in the “Message” column during check out and it will appear on the box for an extra personal touch. The custom packaging box they provide is sturdy thus highly reusable. It comes with a handle thus carrying it around is easy.

Ang Seng Heong Peanut Candy

Ghee Hiang’s Tambun Biscuits need no further introduction, so I am just going to shift the attention to Ang Seng Heong‘s peanut candies. I can only use the word ‘addictive’ to describe them.
They are so good I had to store them away from sight just to stop myself from munching on them continuously. It’s really hard to stop at just 1 piece. If you are looking for a Chinese New Year snack that will delight everyone regardless of age, get this!

FoodConnection festival goods biscuits

Lastly, in conjunction with the upcoming Christmas and Dongzhi festival, Food Connection is offering some items with special packaging for gifting purposes. Interested? Click on the banner above to know more.

Food Connection

No. 47, Jalan Foo Shin Kai, Victoria Park
30250 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +6012 3456 901

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