ShopBack Cashback Buddy – Earning Cashback Is Now A Breeze


If you are a frequent user of ShopBack Malaysia then you should know about their free web browser extension – the “ShopBack Cashback Buddy“. It was revamped recently to help earning Cashback and discovering the best deals a breeze.

shopback malaysia cashback buddy

With the ShopBack Cashback button, you can shop at your favorite online stores and get cash every time you make a purchase. With more than 500 major online stores offering Cashback via ShopBack, there are plenty of savings to be had! Here are some features of the new and improved CashBack Buddy extension:

cashback activated

1. Cashback Buddy notifies you whenever you are browsing an online store that is eligible for cashback from ShopBack.
2. Cashback Buddy allows you to discover new and existing stores that help you enjoy savings on your purchases.

activate Shopback

3. Helps ShopBack users to avoid instances when they forget to click through ShopBack to activate cashback from a particular online store.
With the Cashback Buddy, a pop-up notification will appear at the top right-hand corner of your browser to remind you to earn cashback.

cashback activated shopback

After you click on the activation button, you will be notified that you are on your way to earning cashback. It’s as simple as that!

cashback summary

4. Cashback Buddy displays your account and cashback summary in a click of a button, without having to open ShopBack Malaysia’s website.
5. Cashback Buddy is lightweight and works in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

To use this extension, head to ShopBack Browser Extension‘s website and click on the install button for your web browser of choice. For those who use Google Chrome as your main web browser, you can download Cashback Buddy instantly. So if you love to shop online, start rewarding yourself and enjoy savings with ShopBack Cashback Buddy.

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