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Whether you’re a frequent traveler or an once in a blue moon traveler, Skyscanner is an fantastic app you should have installed in your smartphone. This 3-in-1 app is completely free to use and lets you compare and book the cheapest flights, hotel deals or car hires instantly.
As of now, it is my favorite travel search engine because it’s such an easy, efficient and highly effective platform. In fact, all of my trips to Thailand (Pattaya end of this month, Bangkok in Dec) this year are booked using Skyscanner.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, you’d be glad to know that Skyscanner is also available as a website. I did a 2 minute video to demonstrate how you can book a work trip or a holiday using the website.
As you can see, you don’t even need to login to start searching for deals. But if you have an account and logged in, you will enjoy a personalized experience and you can plan your travel across multiple devices.

Skyscanner Flight Chart View

And don’t forget that you can actually view the flight schedules in a chart which shows you the cheapest days to fly. Hotels and car hire searches are automatically paired with flights, so you won’t have to enter your check in times, destination and pick up location again. Smart!

Skyscanner app smartphone

Skyscanner’s app is feature rich and it’s impossible to cover all of them in one post. Here are some that I personally find extremely useful and worth mentioning:

Top Flight Deals

Skyscanner weekend getaways

Ever felt like going on an impulse trip just to get away from it all? Simply click on “Go anywhere” on the home screen and it will take you to a list of low-cost destinations. This is perfect for those budget-conscious people.
By the way, a return flight to Ho Chi Minh City just for RM254? I am sold even though I never planned for it.

Color-coded calendar

Skyscanner color coded calendar

When you’re looking at the calendar, you can easily see the cheapest flights instantly. The dates are marked with a dot below with three colors: red, amber and green which are pretty much like traffic lights. Green means you should definitely go for it!

Price Alerts

Sometimes, you hesitate to book that flight because you don’t know if the price will go down. Skyscanner helps you to make a better decision by alerting you when the price changes. Just enable push notification on your recent searches to receive price updates. For more detailed information, click here.

Search Everywhere

Skyscanner Bali Prices

This is my favorite and most used function. By selecting “Everywhere” as your destination, you will get to choose from a list of top destinations sorted by price. Useful when you have set a ceiling price for your flight. Besides, it lets me ponder over destinations that never really crossed my mind. But when the prices are so attractive, you can’t help but to add them to your list too. Click here for more info.


I am a little embarassed to admit this, but we actually missed our return flight from Bangkok to KL early this month. Although we checked out early from our hotel, the taxi driver sent us to the wrong airport. Luckily, I had the app installed and managed to secure a reasonably cheap flight the next day and a hotel for the night too. All of this was done while we were still in the taxi, in matter of minutes.


Whether you are looking to save time and money on flights or hotels, or simply trying to book a last minute getaway, you should definitely use Skyscanner. Finding a cheap flight or hotel is tedious and tiring, so let Skyscanner do the work while you can sit back and pick your next destination!
As I am writing this, I am already considering taking another trip, maybe to Ho Chi Minh during the upcoming Deepavali holidays. Skyscanner is available on both iOS and Android.

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