STUFFIEE – The One App to Stuff It All 

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The best product recommendations always come from people you trust – may it be family or friends. For example, if you are looking for a new place to eat, you would just refer to someone who eats out regularly.
What if there’s an app that lets you share and explore anything that is too good to keep to yourself – and more importantly categorize them into relevant categories for quick and easy reference?

Introducing STUFFIEE, the one app to Stuff It All

Stuffiee App To Stuff it all

Taking pictures and videos are now easier than ever since the introduction and rapid proliferation of smart phones. Everywhere we go, we tend to take pictures and videos. But taking too many pictures and videos can be a problem especially when it comes to storage space. I always find myself short of storage space and had to delete some pictures or videos just to store more stuffs.

Stuffiee App store photos

The advancement of technology today now allows us to store our stuffs in the cloud. Gone are the days where we have to buy extra hard disks, pen drives, CDs, DVDs and phone memory cards just to store more stuffs. Not to mention the durability of these physical storage which have limited life-span before it breaks down and corrupts our data to the point that it is no longer accessible.

Store, Categorize and Share

Stuffiee App Store Share Categorize

So, why waste valuable storage space on your smart phone when you can store your pictures and videos in the cloud and share it among your family and friends with just one mobile application. STUFFIEE does just that.

Stuffiee App store categorize your pictures and videos

STUFFIEE is a mobile application that allows you to store your pictures and videos, and share it across multiple devices. It also has a feature where you can categorize each pictures and videos which in turn, makes it easier for you to locate and thereafter share a particular picture of video to your family and friends.

If you have food photos, you may post it under the category of Food just like what I did below. Your friends may then ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ and post their comments below.

All files are store in the cloud and you don’t have to worry about losing any of your files.

Ambassador Wall

Stuffiee App Ambassador Wall

But wait, not only you’ll get to store, share and categorize all your pictures and videos, if you have more than 200 friends in your account, you’ll unlock the Ambassador Wall where you can be a master of a category.

Your expertise will be determined by how your followers based on their likes and dislikes on your shares. A ranking system will be granted on the Ambassador wall too. The moment you have 200 friends in your account, a ranking system will appear to show how active you are based on the category that you are active in.

For instance, if you love taking pictures and videos of food and the number of likes and comments are mostly about food, your ranking on the Food category will be the highest.

Stuffiee App Friends

For now, I only have 2 friends as I’ve just started. Adding friends is easy. Just search using their email address. And if they have not set up an account yet, just send them an invite.

To start, all you need to do is to download STUFFIEE from Google Play Store (iPhone app is not available yet), set up an account and start using STUFFIEE.

In conjunction with the launch of STUFFIEE, a photo contest will be held from 26 February 2017. Just show your stuffs and stand a chance to win RM1,000 cold hard cash every 2 weeks! Details of the contest are as follows:

STUFFIEE Photo Contest (Show your stuff on Stuffie, #ShowStuffs)

Stuffiee App ShowStuff Photo Contest

Contest start date: 26 Feb 201

To participate:
1. Download Stuffie on Google Play. Link:
2. Post stuff that YOU ARE MOST PROUD OF on Stuffie
3. Share it on your Facebook or Instagram and tag #ShowStuffs
4. A winner will get RM1,000 every 2 weeks for the most awesome stuffs shown on #ShowStuffs

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