Small Islands For Easy Relaxing Holidays

Summertime is almost here; that’s why now is the best time to prepare for your next vacation. You must be longing for a swim on a warm sunny day surrounded by the gorgeous tropical atmosphere; I mean, who isn’t? After this cold weather and long tiring days at work, you deserve to give yourself a break and enjoy a vacation on a small island where you can feel peace and calmness. Therefore, we have curated a list of some handpicked islands that you can spend your relaxing holiday in, either alone or with your loved ones.

Gozo, Malta

Although it is known to be one of the smallest islands in Malta, visitors love spending time there. It is popular among them for the fact that it offers a calm pace of life, as suggested by a good article about Gozo holidays, and an excellent climate that is suitable for the perfect holiday. The island displays the history of Malta that was built up thousands of years ago and offers fantastic scenery that pleases everyone. There is a lot to do on the island despite being small; you can go cycling on well-managed roads and enjoy boat trips, allowing visitors to create cherished and unforgettable memories.


This British Overseas Territory Caribbean island makes a perfect holiday destination for adventurous people. It tends to be more popular than other Caribbean islands, like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Although its south is a restricted area due to an active volcano, its north is a great tropical place where you can find all the fun summer activities. You get to enjoy hiking, viewing the volcano from a helicopter, going on boat trips, and practicing some amazing water sports.

San Andres, Colombia

One of the most underrated places that could make a fantastic vacation getaway is San Andres Island. It is a 10-square miles island, yet visitors can find various activities to keep them occupied. The place includes luxurious accommodations with all-inclusive resorts and a variety of activities, like caving, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Less active visitors can find pristine beaches more appealing where they can enjoy high-quality seafood. Also, if history was your favorite subject in school, you would be interested to explore World War 2 sites while on the island.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

You would want to visit this place if you desire your vacation to be undisturbed and quiet. The island is considered a marine national park where you can swim with dolphins and sea turtles. Avid divers and snorkelers would love this place since there is a lot to be seen beneath the cliffs and caves of the island. Visitors can enjoy the sight of the aquarium and the historical museums, too. If you’re choosing this place to be your destination, make sure you book a place as soon as possible, since only 420 visitors are allowed at a time on the island.

Palawan, Philippines

Despite the fact that the Philippines is one of the least visited countries, it has this amazing island that would blow your mind. Palawan has this crystal-clear water that amazes the eyes of its visitors and is surrounded by gorgeous mountains. You get to visit small fishing villages, hike in the jungles, and swim in amazing lagoons. The island offers various accommodation types that you can choose from; you can stay in a luxurious all-inclusive resort or keep it simple and stay in overwater bungalows.

Santorini, Greece

A lot of couples and newlyweds aspire to visit this island on their honeymoon for its fantastic sceneries, calm atmosphere, and romantic air. It is more like a hideaway for couples; everyone can spend the most amazing time on this island. The volcanic island is known for its turquoise sea and white buildings that make an unforgettable landscape to its visitors. It is heaven for both foodies and history buffs for its awesome seafood and the magical sight of the remains of Thira and Akrotiri. Visitors also can enjoy hiking and sightseeing of red and black sand beaches.

What is better than chilling out and breaking the daily routine with a mesmerizing vacation. The destinations you can go to are countless, but when you decide that your holiday this year is to be spent among the tropical trees of a breathtaking island, you should take all the time you need to choose the best one that would suit your preferences. Whether you plan to go alone or with a company, you should check the options listed above and book your holiday destination accordingly.