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Ayam Penyet AP @ AEON Seberang Perai, Penang

Ayam Penyet AP, an affordable restaurant serving the delicious and addictive Indonesian cuisine called Ayam Penyet, loosely translated to smashed fried chicken. It is a perfect alternative to the already over-mushroomed kopitiam franchises. Not only the quality is getting worse, portion is getting smaller and prices are always increasing. Imagine, after I finished my cuppa of iced white coffee, the cup is still filled with 3 quarter ice cubes. Daylight robbery.


Besides flattened chicken, beef and fish you would be glad to find other dishes like soup and barbecued meats. But you certainly won’t go wrong with AP’s signature dish – Ayam Penyet, priced at RM8. You could get a whole thigh or breastmeat, depending on your luck. I guess you could also specify the parts you want when ordering. Do note that steamed rice has to be ordered separately.

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Nyonya Restaurant @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Located at the heart of PJ, SS2 is Nyonya Restaurant – a three decades old and pork free restaurant serving authentic baba nyonya cuisine since 1974. Although the current owner is the fourth, changes have been minimal and the dishes are still faithfully prepared according to the original chef’s recipes.

sambal udang petai

I like to start off my Nyonya meal with spicy seafood hence Sambal Udang Petai @ RM15.50 is always a must-order-dish. What I liked the most about this dish of the day is the sea-caught prawns, which were really fresh and also decently sized. The sambal has a paste like consistency so the flavor and spiciness are nicely concentrated. Simply the perfect dish to be had with rice.

nyonya beef rendang

The Beef Rendang @ RM15 does not look too appealing on photo but that’s really my fault actually. Being my second favorite dish of the entire meal, it was cooked slowly to ensure the tender beef slices could fully absorb the spicy condiments. I highly recommend this dish, as you will certainly not be disappointed by its fragrant and flavorful taste.

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Sri Bistari Famous Nasi Ayam Penyet @ Changi Village

To be honest, I haven’t tried a lot of Indonesian food but I can vouch my love for Ayam Penyet, this wonderful traditional dish that originates from Subaraya. Smashed fried chicken served with rice and spicy hot sambal, so simple yet so additively delicious.


Not too far away from Tampines at Changi Village is Sri Bistari Famous Nasi Ayam Penyet. Conveniently there was a direct bus to the food court where this stall was located at, so I decided to try it one weekend after surveying for good food around my area. Traveling too far for food does take its toll on you in the long run, especially when you are taking the public transport.
For $4.50 the serving is pretty standard consisting of a piece of smashed fried chicken, a generous dollop of sambal and the usual Indonesian salad of lettuce, cabbage, cucumber and cherry tomato. Tempe (deep fried fermented bean paste) was not to be found though.
I liked that a whole chicken leg was given because the typical portion of Ayam Penyet usually comes with very small piece of chicken, leaving you with plenty of rice in the end.

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