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Sarawak Hand Made Noodle @ Everyday Food Court, Puchong

Back in my uni days, Everyday Food Court was one of our most frequented food courts not only because it was the largest around, it is also open air with quite a number of good food. I could remember the prawn noodle, chili crab with fried bun, grilled seafood and Sarawak hand made noodle were our favorites at that time.
While I usually don’t recommend food prepared by foreign workers, I have to give credit where it’s due: the duo have been selling the noodle for almost 10 years and may have mastered it quite well.


I think any Sarawakian would agree that there’s no such thing as hand made noodle available any where in Sarawak. So, the name would be nothing but used to resemble a mix of two famous Sarawak local food: Kolo Mee and Kampua. In this case, it’s like Kampua’s noodle topped with the ingredients of Kolo Mee.

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Sarawak Cultural Village Visit @ Santubong Part 2

As mentioned earlier, the cultural show (mostly traditional dances) is the nicest among all attractions in Sarawak Cultural Village. There are only two shows daily from 11.30am – 12.15pm and from 4.00pm to 4.45pm.
So, watch your time and plan your visit within the village carefully if you want to enjoy the performance. The village is not too huge but moving from a place to another may take up ten to fifteen minutes. It is recommended to reach the theater earlier if you notice there are plenty of tourists in order to get nice seats near to the stage.


The show starts with the Iban’s Ngajat Lesong, where the Iban warrior demonstrates his extraordinary strength of lifting a mortar weighing around 20kg. If you look at the photo, the white colored thing about to be carried by the warrior is the mortar mentioned earlier. At first, he would dance with the mortar held on his arms and waving it around.

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Sarawak Cultural Village Visit @ Santubong Part 1

If you are planning to visit Sarawak soon for leisure and sightseeing purposes, Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) should not be missed. [tag]Sarawak Cultural Village[/tag] is located on the foothills of Mount Santubong, which is about 35 km away from Kuching.
Previously, I had a free two nights stay at Holiday Inn Damai Beach and SCV is only half a mile away from the hotel. I commuted to SCV using the hotel’s free shuttle service (although I should mention the walking distance is really quite short). I may have to split this visit into 3 posts because there are altogether 51 photos to show!


At SCV, One will get to experience the lifestyle, culture and witness the heritage of the major ethnic groups in Sarawak. Despite the expensive RM60 entrance fee, SCV remains as one of my most memorable visits in [tag]Sarawak[/tag] and I really recommend it to anyone who can afford the tickets.
I saw a few foreigners who were turned away by the ticket price. After I completed the tour, I was pretty sure their decision was a mistake. Because, the ticket price is really worth it in exchange for a great experience. Besides, the price surely wouldn’t be a problem to them if converted into their native currency.
The signboard actually has the words “Selamat Datang Ke Kampung Budaya Sarawak”. But the early sun was so bright, it caused some reflection so you won’t really notice it in the photo. Or maybe it’s because my skills just sucked, lol.


SL and I were the first visitors to arrive at SCV that morning at 8.45am, we were quite excited about the trip really. For your information, SCV’s opening hours is from 9am to 5.15pm daily. When you’re at the entrance feel free to marvel at the wonderful rocks, which is actually already part of SCV’s attaction – a modern stone Sculpture Park. That’s me in the background (notice pointing arrow) waiting for the ticketing girl to come, lol.

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