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Sate Zainah Ismail Best Satay In Town @ Jalan Keramat, KL

As you might already know I am desperately looking for a satay in Klang Valley that could rival, and perhaps even better than those that I had in Singapore which I hate to admit is still the best I ever had to date. So when two of my fellow readers recommended Sate Zainah Ismail at Kampung Datuk Keramat, I immediately went looking for it.


For a first time visitor, Dato Keramat could be confusing to navigate but thanks to my GPS device we found the restaurant with relative ease. Zainah Ismail could be easily identified by the smoke and satay fragrance constantly oozing out of one of the wooden restaurant.


Five satay grills are used here and the satays are actually grilled by stages. The satays do not stay on one grill from raw to cooked. Instead, they are transferred to the next grill once a particular ‘doneness’ is achieved.


The innermost grill you see manned by an elderly uncle is where the raw, marinated skewers are barbecued first then made sure fully cooked at the foremost grill. There are only two types of satay here: beef and chicken priced at RM0.70 each.

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Premium Pork Belly Satay @ Kwong Satay, Geylang Lorong 29

Remember I mentioned before Kwong Satay serves the best pork satay I ever had in Singapore? I still stand by my statement after going around the island trying the rest. The second best’s taste doesn’t even come close to Kwong Satay to be honest. This would be my top recommendation for pork satay if you’re planning a trip to Singapore soon.
Anyway after giving up hope on finding a better one I returned for it again one day but for their premium pork belly satay instead, priced at $1 a stick.


This is how the premium pork belly looked like, a piece of pork belly meat side by side with a piece of crunchy pork fat on a skewer. The texture of the meat and fat from the pork belly part is indeed different from the rest of the pork cuts – just more tender and succulent.

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Ah Basri Satay Restaurant @ Sungai Ara, Penang

First of all, this post contains horse meat. Horse meat is still very rare for consumption in the world and it is even considered as taboo in some countries. In Malaysia horse meat is almost unheard of and even if you chance upon it, it would be most probably in those exotic food restaurants. So if you are uncomfortable with that, please do not read further.


If you didn’t know, I used to stay at Sungai Ara for about two years before I moved to KL in 2008. But I have never seen Ah Basri Satay Restaurant in the neighbourhood so they must have set up their Satay restaurant after that. The only reason I came back to Sungai Ara for AB Satay is because it received high praises from various food bloggers and some even claimed it as the best satay in Penang.
Having tasted personally, the best satay in Singapore, I had high expectations and eager to see how they both match up.

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