5 Foods You Have to Try when Visiting Asia

5 Foods to eat in Asia
5 Foods to eat in Asia

You may have many reasons to be excited about your next Asian holiday. After all, who can say no to the incredible landscapes, the varied cultures, and the beautiful sunsets of Asia? But if you are a foodie and wish to explore the best Asian foods, just take a look at our top 5 dishes from different Asian countries the next time you’re visiting this diverse continent.

Indian lamb


Indian food is most people’s favourite cuisine and if you are travelling to India, you will expect to find dishes like Vindaloo and onion bhajis in most restaurants. But for an entirely different dish to try at an Indian restaurant, go for the slow roasted lamb shank in yoghurt and spices. The meat is so tender that it will just fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. Once you try this dish, you won’t get enough of it!

Thai banana blossom salad

Thailand is famous for its street foods. Aside from traditional Thai food, there are also fine dining options that come at a price but are definitely worth trying. The next time you visit Thailand, look for the amazing banana blossom salad at a luxury Thai restaurant. The blossoms are simply banana leaves that surround this fruit. The banana leaves are cut into strips and added to the salad, giving it an extra texture. This salad is also called banana flower salad that you will find in Southeast Asia.

Vietnamese noodle soup


When visiting Vietnam, you may be thinking of what to eat once you get there. One of the most popular Vietnamese dishes is the well-known beef noodle soup. This staple dish can be found all over Vietnam and most people add a side dish of dried pork or fried eggs with French baguette to it. You can also include pate if you like. Beef noodle soup is found in most street food stalls so you’re bound to come across this dish on your next visit to Vietnam. When booking your flight to Asia, remember to include single trip travel insurance cover by looking for a good deal online.

Shinmapo Korean BBQ

Korean beef barbecue

The Korean beef barbeque is a juicy dish containing marinated beef. Koreans love their beef and tend to include it in most of their meals. This dish is often barbequed or grilled with onions and garlic. It is wrapped in lettuce and eaten with a rich spicy paste. You will find beef barbeque in most Korean restaurants around the world as well as in food stalls in Seoul.

Japanese tempura


This is a light and fluffy dish that the Japanese highly recommend. If you love your deep-fried foods, you will enjoy the battered tempura prawns and vegetables cuisine. The seafood and vegetables are fried in sesame oil and served with soy sauce and grated radish. Once you try the Japanese tempura, you won’t want to eat anything else!

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