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A day at Aquaria KLCC, An Ocean of Discovery


Went to Aquaria KLCC a few weeks ago to check out if there’s anything new since my last visit three years ago. When I last went, I remembered there were some construction going on. So, I expected to see some new exhibits or visiting areas. The admission fees are RM38 for adults and RM26 for children. Seems expensive eh? But you will be glad to know that there are discounts for locals who present their MyKad. After discounts, it would be RM28 for adults, RM22 for children.

It seems they are using more ways to generate income now.. I don’t remember being required to take a photo with the signboard during my last visit, lol. After that, you will have the choice of purchasing the photos before exiting. They aren’t cheap! Anyway, let’s move on to see some fish!

lion fish

The Lionfish is probably the most photographed fish in the whole Aquaria. It is not hard to understand this because they are simply stunning! I heard some people screaming “tiger fish! tiger fish!”.. really made me lol. They have venomous spines that resembles a lion’s mane and can swallow their prey whole.. Wow, it really lives up to its name!

clown fish

Ah, you should be able to recognize this fish easily. It’s a Clownfish, as featured in Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo really succeeded in making Clownfish one of the most recognized fish in the world. All the kids love it, it’s really cute.

dory fish

If there’s Nemo, then of course there will be Dory! But this species of fish is actually called Regal Tang, not Dory. Regal Tang is not a popular meat due to its strong odor. Hehe, so Dory in Finding Nemo is actually smelly lol.


Some baby piranhas eating off a fish carcass. There are about four to five aquariums full of these baby piranhas. They don’t seem that scary to me. But thanks to Hollywood piranhas are perceived as super violent and blood hungry creatures.


The Underwater Tunnel is one of Aquaria’s main highlights. Visitors get to stand on a 90m slow moving walkway to see the fish including large rays and sharks. This is the most enjoyable part for me. I couldn’t recall how many times I went in the tunnel lol. The feeling of sharks, rays and other fish swimming past and above you is so surreal. And if you are in the tunnel at the right time, you might even get to see the divers feeding the sharks!

shark feeding

Here’s a shark taking a bite on the fish. I was so lucky to be able to take this perfect shot.. the walkway is always moving and it’s very dim inside. So, taking photos is a real challenge! And the divers had to try really hard to make the sharks eat the fish lol. Because they are already being fed daily, so they were probably not hungry at all.

feeding time

There are two sessions of fish feeding in front of the Aquatheatre. One from 12pm-12.30pm and another from 3pm-3.30pm. This is where things get really exciting for the visitors especially the kids. They will be seated directly in front of the Aquatheatre and get to witness the hugest ray in Aquaria. As you can see, it is as big as the divers!

tube aquarium

Another amazing highlight of Aquaria is the 5.3 metre Flooded Forest Tube Tank. If you see carefully, there’s actually a tree in the tank. And the fish swim freely from bottom to the top.. it’s truly an eye-opener.

artificial coral

Actually Aquria KLCC has designed itself to be a journey of water from land to sea. The photos I shown earlier all belong to the sea part. While the rest below belong to land. Reptiles, tarantulas and turtles from the rainforest are being exhibited here.


I call this the ‘huge ass frog’ because it’s size. It may look small in the photo but it’s as big as my palm!

tree frog

Then, there’s this ugly brown tree frog. Yuck, lol.


Hmm.. Am I seeing a double gecko?


A cute mud crab that eats non-stop.. its limbs are always picking up something and the mouth won’t stop munching, lol.

baby crocodile

And this baby crocodile is giving the “Whatcha looking at, buddy?” look.


There’s also some pretty scary animals that can make your hairs stand on end. Among them are scorpions, huge long worms and this yellow colored tarantula. It looks scary but also amazingly beautiful at the same time!

If you have kids, Aquaria KLCC will definitely thrill and give them something to remember. Best of all, it is educational too! I myself could easily spend a few hours there like a shutter-happy kid snapping photos here and there. Imagine the fun your kids will have, definitely worth a visit.

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