Cherok Tok Kun

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Last Sunday Siang Leng and I went to Cherok Tok Kun for jungle trekking. We also wanted to take some photos using our new camera hehe. Anyway, Googling up “Cherok Tok Kun” only gives this answer

Cherok Tok Kun is a small village in Province Wellesley, Penang, Malaysia. It is the hometown and birthplace of Anwar Ibrahim, former deputy prime minister of Malaysia.

But whenever one mentions Tok Kun, they are referring to the Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest.

The Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest is suitable for camping and other recreational activities like jungle trekking and picnicking. There is also a small waterfall passing through the area where one can take a dip in the cool refreshing water.

The recreational forest has become very popular among the locals especially from the Seberang Perai Tengah district and neighbouring Kedah and Perak districts.

To get there, follow Jalan Kulim past St.Anne’s Church and the traffic light. You will see a BP petrol station on your left, drive further down until you spot a mosque on your right. Directly opposite the mosque is a small road with a big road sign indicating Jalan Kolam. Drive along the small road for about 1 KM and you will reach the gate to the forest. I have only been to Tok Kun 2 times before. The first time was with my family while second was 9 years ago on a Tae Kwon Do physical training session at Form 2 or 3. My mom said she dragged us up to the hill top lol.


The car park is not too big, many cars are double parking. It was quite funny to see some cars actually had to reverse all the way down from the slope because of insufficient parking. Beside the car park are a row of hawkers selling pisang goreng and lots of fruits.


Me enjoying pisang goreng. RM1 for five pieces, very worth :D


I am not sure whether this even qualifies as a small waterfall. Small red sign on the left saying “AWAS Batu Licin”


A close up of the waterfall, “Hutan Lipur Bukit Mertajam” We spent 45 minutes trying to walk up to the hill but we were just too tired to continue. We were wondering if there is any waterfall on the hilltop, anyone who knows mind to tell? :P


A lot of children playing and swimming in the water. I played in the water during the physical training, an unforgettable experience but I won’t do it again lol.


This tea house is quite new, it only opened last November. Quite a lot of customers as you can see from this photo. The structure of this tea house also reminded me of those in TVB dramas haha. Those swordsman like to yam cha, eat pao and then will kena ambush haha.


“Tea Spa Taman Rimba” offers many variety of tea leaves to choose from, costing from RM4.00 to RM7.00. Besides tea they also serve some snack dishes like “Char Yip Dan”, TeoChew fried mee, peanuts and tea boiled potato. I think Boon Siang will enjoy this place very much :P


Saw some ex-JSHS people(right side, 3 people in a table) drinking tea there, but I don’t think they know me. In this photo you can see some small chalets in the background. They are newly built too, and the committee is going to celebrate the completion by holding a buffet dinner and karaoke session for the completion.


Our snack that afternoon, “Char Yip Dan”, costs RM0.70 per egg. They were so fragrant that we couldn’t resist tasting them before we went home. We initially thought it was Bak Kut Teh, because they really smell alike. By the way, the photo qualities are very good right? So much better than my previous Konica Minolta Dimage X50 :D

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