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Jom Heboh 07 Queensbay


So Jom Heboh 07 was held in Queensbay during the last weekend. Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Malaysia, you’d know what Jom Heboh is lol. Anyway it’s a carnival organized by TV3 with Maxis Hotlink being the main sponsor. Most people will feel that this carnival is only for the Malays but there is still something for the other races as well :)


Well Siang Leng and I weren’t there entirely for the carnival you see. We wanted to buy movie tickets to Transformers on the Friday night but there weren’t any seats left. So we figured that Saturday morning wouldn’t be a bad idea. After that we can go check out what’s the fuss’ all about with Jom Heboh. We never been to any Jom Heboh before so we could only wonder. Speaking of Transformers, it is a super-duper good movie! The scene where Optimus Prime first appeared felt amazing. All the childhood memories of the cartoon suddenly just kept coming back. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, I am wondering what you are still waiting for lol.


You’ve probably read about the recent haze in northern Malaysia affecting Kedah, Perak and Penang. The heavy rain on the night before the carnival is godsend. It not only clears the haze, it also sets a cooler afternoon for visitors to the carnival. See the bright clear skies? I alsmot forget how clear skies look like… It was really relieving after enduring the horrible haze for a week. I get dizzy even just for going to lunch.


As usual, Indocafe is always there to serve nice and ice cold coffee. And it’s free too! Just take how many cups you want lol, no need paiseh.


There were a couple of TV3’s official souvenir tents where you can purchase goods like T-shirts and caps. They are quite expensive though, RM30 for a collared T.


An activity kids will definitely enjoy must be the mini motokart racing, 4 laps cost RM10. It didn’t generate too much interest from the public though.


Hot FM was there too. And apparently they brought their own car lol. It looks nice, don’t you think?


This is the main stage of the carnival. Big isn’t it? It will be used for the concert on the next day.


With thousands of people thronging Queensbay for the carnival, there must be good control and security. So, many of our beloved and respected PDRM were deployed to safeguard the event. And you couldn’t blame them for taking shelter under the tree, the afternoon sun is vicious :P Anyway really salute them for being there since morning to control traffic and stuff.

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