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Jong’s Crocodile Farm – Part 1


Located approximately 30km from Kuching is Jong’s Crocodile Farm. It is located on the Kuching-Serian Road and was the next place I visited after visiting the orang utans in Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. I have read about this crocodile farm in sixthseal and the tourist guides. I have always been interested in reptiles especially snakes and crocodiles so this was not to be missed. Do you know crocodiles are actually living dinosaurs? They are the toughest survivor and many have predicted they will still be around after men’s extinction. That’s why they fascinate me so much.

jong's crocodile farm

To reach Jong’s Crocodile Farm you can always take the public bus or pay the local cab which is a van. I’d recommend taking a van because they would drop you somewhere not too far from crocodile farm. But it’s still quite a walk from where we were dropped off.

crocodile feeding

Entrance fee for adult is RM8 and RM4 for children under 12. The best time to visit is of course during feeding times at 11am and 3pm daily, you wouldn’t want to miss all the crocodile actions! Here, the staff was reeling away some pig livers for feeding session. The bound livers look like chickens from far don’t they?

crocodile ready to strike

Once the feed is in place, the crocodiles would emerge from the water and take aim. When they do that, their tail would also appear above the water and wag a little, it’s like a natural habit before making a strike. You’d think all the crocodiles would be attracted by the feed but only one or two were actually interested. The others wouldn’t be bothered lol, maybe it has been a routine and they are bored already.

crocodile snatched feed

When it’s ready it’d leap out from the water and take a huge snap at the feed. The impact was so strong it resulted in a big clapping sound that can even be heard from where we stood. FYI this photo was taken at least 20-30 meters away and I had to use the camera’s zoom to take this clear shot. The entire feeding session would last for about 20 minutes and the audience were clearly entertained. You can feel their excitement every time the crocodile leap out of the water.

bujang senang skull

Have you heard of Bujang Senang or Happy Bachelor? It was this legendary crocodile responsible for several killings along Batang Lupar River in Sri Aman area. As mentioned in Sarawak Tourism Board:

Bujang Senang’ or ‘Happy Bachelor’ was the name for a huge crocodile that grew to 19 feet and 4 inches. The crocodile is notorious as a man-eating ‘monster’. It had a well-formed and worn canines on its huge jaw. ‘Bujang Senang’ was well known back in 1993, when it went on its killing rampage around the Sri Aman area. The Batang Lupar River, which flows through Sri Aman, still conjures up fearsome images, as it was home to this legendary killer. It was struck down by a shotgun shell in Sg. Pelaban in Lingga Batang Lupar at Sri Aman.

Jong’s Crocodile Farm now houses Bujang Senang’s remains, the skull. Taking a closer look certainly would give you chills, it’s just freaking big. Just compare its size with the lady in the background.. No wonder it was a monster, a bite and I think an adult human would be ripped into half.

bujang senang killing gun

Also featured is the shotgun and the ammo that was used to kill Bujang Senang. The ammo is four inch long! In the show room there are photos of its victims and the process of retrieving their bodies from Bujang Senang’s carcass. I tell you it is one of the most gruesome thing I have ever seen in my life.

crocodile skull

Another crocodile skull on display, it is considered small compared to Bujang Senang’s.

tailless crocodile

Like humans, crocodiles do have genetic defects. This is a Tailless Crocodile which is placed in a cage of his own. It reminds me of a albino crocodile which I saw in Langkawi’s Crocodile Farm.

young adult crocodile

Crocodiles have to be separated according to sizes. That’s because crocodiles are cannibals and they would eat the smaller ones if they are hungry. I remembered watching a National Geographic documentary where young helpless crocodiles were eaten up by other adult crocodiles while their mother was away. Kinda sad.

young crocodiles

These young crocodiles would grow up and also perform in the feeding time one day.

bathing crocodile

I found this crocodile particularly interesting. It appears like he’s having a great time being bathed from the flowing water lol. Well it was really a hot afternoon so I could understand.. Well that’s all for the first part. I have to split this into two parts as there are just too many photos to show :) On the second part there will be photos of the other animals in Jong’s Crocodile Farm. They don’t house only crocodiles here. Other animals featured are fish, mongoose, birds and even bears!

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