Langkawi Trip Part I : Getting There


This is the first part of our Langkawi Trip last weekend. SL and I started our journey from Bukit Mertajam at 5.45am to reach Kuala Kedah’s jetty 1.5 hours later at 7.00am. It was drizzling on the way and we were worried sick that it would be raining in Langkawi too. When we reached the junction to the jetty, there were a lot of motorcyclists ushering us to use their parking services. It was a scary experience because we thought they were robbers or rempits.. they just flag you down by the road <_ <

We parked our car at RM10 per day (no shades provided) and had to walk for around 300m before reaching the jetty. There are 4 different ferry companies available and all tickets are sold at RM18 per pax. We took the earliest ferry which leaves at 7.15am. While filling in our particulars, we asked for car and chalet renting services with one of the travel agents (booking chalets in Langkawi incurs extra RM20) Actually we had originally booked a room in City Bayview Hotel (RM150 per night) but decided to cancel it to save costs.
This is the ferry we boarded. It was quite big and can carry over 100 passengers at one time. The bumpy ferry ride made both of us felt very sick for the entire 1.5 hours, that we didn’t even bother to enjoy the scenery outside. Gosh the ride felt like forever. However, once we touch down and saw this signboard..
we were rejuvenated, all sickness gone in a second lol.
We met up with Mr.Azizan to take our rented Kancil and headed to our motel in Pantai Cenang. Car renting services are easily available here, at relatively low price too IMO. Our Kancil cost RM50 per day, but we haggled it down to RM45 because we were renting it for 2 days. Besides that, you are required to pay another RM50 deposit for the car keys. The car’s condition is quite OK, clean and the air-con very powerful. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the clutch. It was really stiff, took me some time to get used to it.

Our motel, situated along Pantai Cenang beach is called “CD Lodge”, with the name “CD” coming from one of the owner’s name, Che Di. Although there is no swimming pool here, the beach is just a few steps away! It costs RM65 per day and unlike hotels, you can check in immediately and check out anytime the next day.
This was how our room looked like, clean and tidy.
It had a television, air conditioner, ceiling fan, a table, a clothes hanger and an attached toilet (sorry no buffet breakfast, water heater, mini fridge, complimentary coffee/tea and speedjug :P) Also provided were a bottle of water, a small soap and a towel.
Toilet was very clean too :) No toilet paper though.. That’s all for now, in the next part I will start with our visit to Gunung Mat Cincang via cable cars.

Continues to Langkawi Trip Part II : Cable Car Ride

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  1. Dear Kia and Siang Leng

    I am planning to visit Langkawi in the first week of September 2007 and saw your photos and blog. Really Nice High Res photos and write ups recommendations. It is tempting to visit this paradise.

    Btw i read a lot of reviews about dangers of trvelling in Malaysia which speaks about credit card risks and snatching bags. What is your view being a malaysian national?

    Thanks for your info.


  2. KMPrabhu,

    Snatch thief was indeed a problem and happened quite often especially to ladies because they carry handbags the most. I as a Malaysian of course is very saddened and angry with these cases, even my sister was a victim once.

    I always think that being careful and taking preventive actions can avoid these from happening to anyone. E.g. do not use handbags to store the cash if going to bank, avoid walking in dark back alleys alone etc.

    So if you are planning to travel in Malaysia I’d advice against the use of handbags or similar to completely prevent such things from happening

    If you have further questions/concerns I’d be more than happy to answer them :)

  3. Hi VK,

    Have a plan to visit Langkawi next month.
    Would like have Mr Azizan contact number as well as your tour guide name and contact number. Do you still keep their contact?

    thanks in advance.


  4. Hi Keong,

    I planning to go Langkawi nxt year April..
    can provide more detail info about outdoor activities, shopping paradise and makan makan place?
    Thank very intresting to read your blog !!chersss

  5. hye there…
    im planning to go to langkawi..
    need details bout the car rental, place to stay, place or interests…
    care to advice?

    amyno’s last blog a.w.a.y from home..

    vk: Hi Amy, please go through my Langkawi posts, you will find everything there. For car rental you can look for it once you reach the island, there are PLENTY of it don’t worry. It is not advisable to book your car in Kuala Kedah because you won’t get to see the condition of your car, or worse still you may be asked to pay more when you get it. Never ever pay first before actually getting to see the things you are buying/renting. :)


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