Langkawi Trip Part V : Air Hangat Village

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Continued from Langkawi Trip Part IV : Langkawi Crocodile Farm

Our next stop from Langkawi Crocodile Farm was Air Hangat Village, formerly known as Telaga Air Hangat. I am not sure what transformation occured, maybe from a simple well to a village? I vaguely remember when I last visited this place 10+ years ago, it wasn’t like this.


Air means water and hangat means hot in Malay. Hence Air Hangat literally means Hot Springs. The name is associated with an ancient legend of two feuding families who threw jugs, pots and pans at each other. One of the jugs, filled with boiling water, fell on the ground and immediately a hot spring gushed out of the spot where the village now stands.

Located about 14km northwest of Kuah in Langkawi, Air Hangat Village is a modern complex which has an impressive three-tier fountain and an 18m-high carved riverstone mural, which depicts the well-known legend of the earth-shattering battle between Mat Cincang and Mat Raya.

Formerly known as Telaga Air Hangat (Hot Springs Well), it is now a combination spa and cultural experience park. The village presents shows such as Malaysian and Southeast Asian dances, cultural shows and activities like batik painting, elephant performances and kickboxing. It also offers duty-free shopping, as well as fine Malaysian, Thai and Indonesian cuisine served in its on-site theatre restaurant.

I won’t be able to describe it better than above lol. Anyway, Air Hangat Village opens from 10am-10pm daily and admission is free.
This is the hot spring that has been upgraded to the three-tier fountain. The water was really warm, close to hot. I had to snap this photo side ways because there was a family retrieving water from the spring to bathe. They even brought their own pail lol.

A nice fountain in Air Hangat Village. The water flowing out from the fountain here does not connect to the hot spring though. Behind this fountain is the 18m-high carved riverstone mentioned earlier.


Displayed in the center of the mural is “The Legend of Air Hangat”, which tells the story of Langkawi and how the town Kuah got its name. An interesting read :)


We bought some seafood crackers and jellyfish satays before leaving because we didn’t have lunch. The sotong crackers tasted really nice (we were given a free taste) so Siang Leng and I bought a packet each. Overall I felt Air Hangat Village was a nice place to visit. Although there weren’t many things to see, it is still a must visit place in Langkawi, especially after the facelift. To view nicer photos of Air Hangat Village, AsiaExplorers is recommended.

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