My Europe Trip 2010 – Pisa & Florence, Italy

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The Piazza della Republicca (Republic Square) is a city square (largest in Florence) with plenty of cafes with Giubbe Rosse being the favorite among famous artists and writers. The inscription on the triumphal arch writes “L’ANTICO CENTRO DELLA CITTÀ / DA SECOLARE SQUALLORE / A VITA NUOVA RESTITUITO” that translates to “The ancient centre of the city / restored from age-old squalor / to new life”.


Painting artists selling their artworks in the square in front of the cafes.

carousel Piazza degli Strozzi

The Picci Family Carousel is not your ordinary merry-go-round. It has been a fixture next to the huge arch for years, dating from the early 20th century.

Palazzo Vecchio

This massive and fortress-like Palazzo Vecchio is one of the most significant public places in Italy, as well as being the town hall of Florence. It has apartments (Monumental Apartments) which were used as living quarters for the city council members. Currently they house the palazzo’s art collections and function as a history museum as well.


An L-shaped square named Piazza della Signoria is in front of the palazzo, a famous meeting point among Florentines.

Loggia dei Lanzi

The buildings included in the square are none other than the palazzo mentioned earlier, Loggia dei Lanzi (pic above), Tribunale della Mercanzia and many other palaces.


There are a few statues overlooking the square in front of the palazzo, one of them being David, a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created by Michaelangelo. Despite the palazzo being the original location of David, this David here is actually a copy, as the original is being kept at the Academia – the real thing is just far too precious to be displayed in public I guess.

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