Preview – Hong Kong Disneyland and Toy Story Land

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After Hong Kong‘s very own Disneyland opened its doors in 2005, Hong Kong has been more than a food and shopping heaven – it is now a great destination for family vacations as well especially for those with kids.
Even though today’s kids are having the luxury of playing games on smartphones and tablets, I believe a trip to Disneyland will still be a dream come true for them. As a kid, who wouldn’t want to catch the life-sized Disney characters dancing and singing right in front of their eyes? And not to mention the various cool and exciting rides Disneyland has to offer too? Well, I know I did.


Believe it or not, food is not the highlight for me during my trip to Hong Kong last year. Instead, it was the Disneyland experience (it came 25 years late, but better than never) that really counted. When I think about the things we did on that day, it could still put a smile on my face.
So, when I am offered the opportunity to visit Hong Kong’s Disneyland and experience the newly launched Toy Story Land, I just couldn’t say no. In fact, I will be leaving in less than 5 days!


We will get to meet the beloved Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse together with the gang again.


Catch the ever bubbly and animated Tinker Bell greeting children at her Pixie Hollow.


See the captivating Golden Mickeys Show (a musical and awards ceremony for the Disney characters)


The fantastic Golden Mickeys show features many soundtracks that are all oh-so familiar to us in different scenes, like “Under the Sea” for The Little Mermaid.


Also, Beauty and the Beast.


After that we will be heading to the Adventureland, which will take us to various attractions and adventures on wooden rafts. Skull Rock here we come!


We will be climbing up Tarzan’s tree house.


Then catch the Festival of the Lion King show, which is as entertaining as the Golden Mickeys show. This is an awesome show that involves a lot of dance, visual effects, action and life sized puppetry to portray a tribal celebration in an African savanna setting.


Hitching a ride on Dumbo the flying elephant as it sweeps and soars. No one can be too old in Disneyland to enjoy this.


Visit the Tomorrowland where we will be battling Emperor Zurg and his minions alongside with Buzz Lightyear. Each of us will be boarding our very own Star Cruiser which can spin in all directions to zap enemies while gaining points in order to become part of the elite group of Space Rangers. Pretty cool stuff.


Hop on to the joyful musical cruise of the world at “It’s a Small World” in Fantasyland, where dolls of all nations will be singing and dancing to the famous “It’s a Small World” medley in their very own language. They are just too cute.


And let’s not forget to join the anticipating crowd for the truly magical fireworks, happening from the Sleeping Beauty Castle. When I return from Disneyland I will be sharing the entire trip in detail with all of you so stay tuned!

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