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Rock Road Seafood Restaurant in Kuching, Sarawak


The first seafood restaurant I went during my trip in Kuching was Rock Road Seafood Restaurant. It is one of the recommended restaurants for seafood in our travel guide book. Since my buddy Prim3 and also my tour guide also said the food there is not bad, we decided to try it.

rock road seafood restaurant

The restaurant has a website and honestly I think the design is terrible. They definitely need to redesign it, and I tell you, the waiter in the photo on the main page was the one who attended to us that night lol, I still can remember him.


Quite plenty of seafood to choose from. All their signature dishes and the prices are displayed on the wall.


Bamboo clams fried with curry powder is one of the must try dishes in Sarawak, also as mentioned in our guide book. It is quite true as most of the restaurants here have this as one of their signature dishes. The clams are unshelled and fried together with lots of cucumber and onions. The unshelled clams make eating easier but the taste was disappointing, I found the curry taste was not strong enough. If only they put more curry powder.. it’d be great.


Fried oyster is also one of the popular seafood in Sarawak. Their version of fried oyster is omelette like and the oysters are concentrated in the center. The eating style is also different! We were given light soya sauce with Sarawak’s most famous seasoning – pepper to dip in with. I didn’t find this tasty too. In fact it was kind of a weird experience for me to eat fried oysters like this lol. Maybe I am too used to Penang hawkers’ fried oysters, that’s my favorite.


Sweet sour prawns that are really delicious. The prawns are huge sized and the gravy was great for dipping in the buns.


This is very similar to eating Penang and KL’s sweet sour crab. If you are wondering how it’s like, do take a look at my Bukit Tambun‘s seafood post and scroll down to the bottom.


Lastly, a very unique looking vegetable that’s only available in Sarawak according to my buddy, making it a specialty and also a must try if you ever travel there. They taste like kangkung (water convolvulus) but crunchier. Best way to cook them is to stir fry with belacan, as shown above. The bill came to a total of RM90+ if I remembered correctly and I must say it’s quite pricey. For that price I can have a heavenly seafood meal in Prawn Village.. So what do you think?

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