St Anne’s Church III : Church Exterior

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This entry will feature some photos of the church exterior I took last week. I was having breakfast with my mum and she suggested me to visit the church. So I went with my gf and we spent 2 hours there walking around, taking photos and hunting for the 15 life sized statues. 6 buses carrying pilgrims from other states came and left during my visit. I think they are brought here via tours organized by their church committees. All photos shown below are taken between 9-11 am that day.
An overview of the new church building. It looks small in this photo but it is really HUGE if you view it in real size. I took this photo like 40 metres away.. in order to get a shot like this.
A closer view of the fountain, featuring St Mary and her daughter. I think this is the first fountain in Bukit Mertajam? A nice one too :)
The new church, taken from the back. Further behind are the administration office and some chambers.
This is one of my favorites, because it looks taken somewhere out of Malaysia.. Just my opinion though lol.
If you are planning a visit to this church, remember to bring along a few bottles to fill up St Anne’s Water.
We bought 2 bottles resembling St Mary’s figurine sold in one of the tents which cost RM3 each. The proceedings are used to fund the cost of setting up the life sized statues.
An angel figurine.. seen at one of the church’s side door.
This is taken from the old church. A photo featured in one of the leaflets inspired me to take this shot.
Overview of the old church building. The chinese words, if translated to English bears the meaning “Hall of the Heaven Owner”
There is a stairway leading up to the small hill behind the old church, this rock is beside the stairway, you can’t miss it.
When you reach the top, there is another place for pilgrims to pray and light their candles.

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