How much do you spend on Petrol?

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Since early this year I have been recording my petrol usage in a log book. Besides keeping track of my petrol expenses, it also helps me to determine which petrol is the best value for money. I only pump 3 brands of petrol: Shell, Petronas and Esso/Mobill. Caltex and BP are out of my list because they perform pretty badly compared to others (pickup is almost non-existant and no power) For your information I am driving a Proton Satria 1.3.

DateAmount (RM)Petrol BrandMileage (KM)
12 January 200750Shell326
22 January 200750Petronas300
2 February 200750Shell320
11 February 200750Esso355
2 March 200750Shell327
15 March 200750Shell306
27 March 200750Shell367
16 April 200750Shell302
4 May 200720Petronas138
22 May 200750Shell310
31 May 200750Shell324
11 June 200750Shell312
22 June 200750Shell327
6 July 200750Esso330
19 July 200750Shell331
29 July 200750Petronas281

Based on my last 8 months’ petrol usage, I have came up with an interesting statistics.

  • Total mileage: 4956KM
  • Average mileage/month: 619.5KM
  • Total spent: RM770
  • Average spent/month: RM96.25 (RM24/week)
  • Average mileage per Ringgit: RM1 = 6.44KM

And now the petrol brand’s performance:

  • Shell: RM1 = 6.46KM
  • Petronas: RM1 = 5.991KM
  • Esso/Mobil : RM1 = 6.85KM

So the clear winner for best mileage goes to Esso/Mobil. But for best fuel power, it must be Shell. When my car is using Shell, the pickup is very good and can reach higher speed easily. The statistics may not be that accurate for other petrol brands because I usually patronize Shell more. Anyway let’s hope the petrol price won’t increase anymore lol, I believe it burns a hole in every driver’s pocket.

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