Penang Bridge Marathon 2007


Today I just submitted my registration for the Penang Bridge Marathon 2007 in Queensbay Mall this afternoon. There are 4 categories of run to choose from: Full, Half, Quarter and Fun Marathon. I registered for the Fun Marathon, total distance of 10km and costs RM10 only.

Penang Bridge Marathon 2007

The marathon will be held on 24th June which is a Sunday. Participation should be very good because many companies in FTZ Bayan Lepas eg. Altera and Motorola are paying their employees’ participation fees and even submitting the registration for them. For RM10, I got a goodie bag that was totally unexpected.


In the goodie bag it contains the following items:

  • 5 cans of Yeo’s JusTea Green Tea with Aloe Vera
  • 2 packets of Cintan Mee (perisa asli, my favorite!)
  • 1 pack of Yeo’s JustTea
  • 1 pack of Yeo’s orange drink
  • 1 Adidas RM50 cash voucher

Among the items listed, the Adidas cash voucher must worth the most. But it can only be used for purchases above RM250. Anyway, opportunists will always find a way to make some money with this. There’s a forumer in that made a thread to sell the voucher at RM40. -_-

This is the first time I have ever registered for a marathon. But I am sure it would be a great experience to be running on the bridge which is usually congested with cars. And did I forget to mention that the marathon starts as early as 4.30 in the morning lol. Anyway there’s still one week left to the closing of the registration on 27th May so get your registration forms while you can ;)

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  1. You have not blog any food review for sometime, I think, you must have been taken less food to keep yourself fit for the marathon….Hope to see your food review continous after the marathorn.

    Wishing you good luck on your coming marathon!!!


  2. coketai – Hey man, that’s not really the reason I seldom blog about food now lolz. It’s because of the sucky photobucket cannot load at all!

    rizal – Hi rizal, I think asri azaha can help you better :)

    asri azaha – Glad you could be of assistance to rizal. Hope he and the other 13 people are able to participate!

  3. I’m sorry but I don’t see any interest in showing the goodie bag and explaining those things … actually I was looking for the results of the marathon … if somebody can help me …

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